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We Leave a Legacy!- Patrick Achille 


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VORSOC- not only a gaming community but a brotherhood, a family, a place we can all call a home. We are a group of people who came together with common interests and developed a great friendship with others. We may be from different places far away but we are all a family. Join us and you won’t turn back. We help veterans and only look for the good in people. VORSOC is a place where each member helps each other grow, talk, and is there for one another. We welcome everyone with open arms!

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Since joining VORSOC, not only have I found a community of gamers I enjoy playing with, but I’ve come to think of them as family. Need someone to play Call of Duty with? VORSOC has it. Need someone to talk you through a hard time? VORSOC has it. Need an opportunity to grow and learn? VORSOC. I love this community.


Since Joining Vorsoc, I have been treated like family, and I love each person like they are my own blood.

vX FTWinter

I feel like I actually have a presence and impact on others and I have the same back to myself. Connections and long relationships is the biggest help this community has ever been for my life.


Our Focus

Welcome to VORSOC! This is a community designed to work as a family, and you will only get out of it what you put into it. We have one main over arching goal here at VORSOC, and that is to provide awareness for veteran and first responder suicide. We seek to create a unified group of individuals that are like minded and support the cause!


Trying to go pro? Wanna stream for a living? These things can all start here and we don't expect a dime in return, just your support and friendship! All of us want to make money from gaming and for most of us it's just a dream, but with the support of a community focused on helping one another, it never is just a dream! You won't find another community like VORSOC we can guarantee you this. We take pride in taking care of each other and we hope you embrace our family just as we are ready to have you on board! Let the adventure begin for you and let your experiences never just be a memory! Be your own Legacy here in VORSOC! Bring it on Gamer!

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